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Rick Schwartz just sold CNN the domain for $750,000. Schwartz bought the domain in 1997 for "$70 to $100," he told Silicon Alley Insider. CNN likely bought the domain for its I-Report program. You know, the one where You The Viewer get to do all the work. A concept which jibes just so nicely with Schwartz's latest post on his personal blog.

Good morning from the HIGH SEAS. I am on the 8th day of a 9-day cruise. Most cabins on a ship are about 200 sq. ft. The cabin I am in is 5,300 sq. ft. Complete with private swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi. The butler brings breakfast at 8:30 and the concierge takes care of all the daily arrangements. This is the 2nd time in the last 12 months I have taken the same cruise and same suite. It just doesn't get much better. I like this lifestyle and I will do what I can do to protect it.