We know that we said we might not be able to continue on with our Celebrity Rehab viewership following its profoundly depressing premiere, as a weekly look at a largely incomprehensible, addiction-decimated Jeff Conaway would just be too disturbing to bear, comedic cutaways to a libido-overdriven Mary Carey's quest to achieve some inpatient sexual satisfaction notwithstanding. Still, we couldn't resist taking a peek at last night's episode, during which it was revealed that even in his mostly incapacitated, wheelchair-bound state, Conaway managed to smuggle in some cocaine.

(Our best guess as to his blow-secreting method: a false bottom on the bottle of Dom Perignon he memorably arrived with.) Dr. Drew was quick to assemble the other semifamous rehabbers to discuss their feelings about this troubling breach of trust; perhaps most disappointed was American Idol refugee Jessica Sierra, who was crushed to learn how easy it would have been to sneak in some boredom-alleviating drugs if only she'd known in advance how cursory their intake pat-down would be.