Is NBC betting on the Writers Strike continuing indefinitely? A recent press release that might have nothing to do with anything could be construed as to suggest 'yes'! "SELECT ITEMS FROM NBC'S HOTTEST SHOWS TO BE FEATURED IN SECOND LIVE AUCTION" they announce. Starting Monday the 21st, head over to to buy up unused "select items" from "Heroes," "The Office," "Friday Night Lights," "30 Rock" and (best of all!) "Las Vegas." Items getting auctioned listed below.

Heroes - "Charlie's" (Jayma Mays) Burnt Toast Diner waitress outfit (season I)
Heroes - "Sylar" (Zachary Quinto) standing over Isaac (55 x 36 print) (season I)
Heroes - "Niki" (Ali Larter) pounding on door (39 x 35 print) (season II)
Heroes - "Claire" (Hayden Panettiere) on autopsy table (45 x 27 print) (season I)

The Office - "Pam's" (Jenna Fischer) blouse and cardigan
The Office - "Michael's (Steve Carell) lucky tie
The Office - "Dwight Schrute" bobblehead (*), signed by Rainn Wilson

Friday Night Lights - #20 Game Jersey for "Brian 'Smash' Williams" (Gaius Charles)
Friday Night Lights - Panther State Championship Ring
Friday Night Lights - Football Playbook, signed by "Coach Taylor" (Kyle Chandler)

30 Rock - "Greenzo" T-shirt worn by background players
30 Rock - "Me Want Food" T-shirt
30 Rock - Mantle Clock background prop

Las Vegas - Montecito playing cards
Las Vegas - Montecito casino chips