Self-important white folks demand you blog about Kenya

Yes, there's some truly bad man's-inhumanity-to-man stuff going down in Kenya. No, Robert Scoble and his echo chamber are not morally obliged to figure out some tech angle and post about it. The fallacy made by political correctards is that if Robert Scoble doesn't blog about something, he either doesn't know or doesn't care about it and neither do his readers.

Citizen journalists, like everyone else, are most effective when they follow the law of comparative advantage: Let people closer to the story report on Kenya, as KTN is doing for the whole world. Let Scoble report on his own topic of expertise: Robert Scoble. The cause of this latest Scoble-doesn't-care-about-Kenya flap? That most inane form of bloggerthink: It wasn't on top of Techmeme, so it didn't happen. (Photo courtesy of Kenya Television Network)