We're Sorry, But Mitch Albom Is A Fucking Horrible Writer

After announcing in April that it was seeking movies and books to promote along with the music it already sells in stores, Starbucks has selected "For One More Day," [Mitch] Albom's second novel, as the first title it will feature in its new book program. The novel, to be published by Hyperion on Sept. 26, will appear in Starbucks stores from the first week in October through the second week of November.

Is it too hacky a joke to say that there's not enough coffee to keep you awake through Mitch Albom's writing? Really? Okay, let's try: We'd rather be dead like Morrie than read the new Albom book. No? How about this: We'd prefer to have scalding coffee burn out our eyes than purchase or process anything by Mitch Albom. Yeah, that seems okay.

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