Remember way back in the olden times when we had to be in front of an actual television at very specific times to see all our dumb shows? That sucked. Now we TiVo it or watch it on DVD or the web or whatever. And now, thanks to the magic power of market competition, even the horrible cable companies who feel entitled to a notable percentage of our monthly income are putting our shows on the internet for free. Well, free beyond the blood money you're already paying.

Fancast - which belongs to Comcast and has nothing to do with "fans" getting to "cast" anything as the name might suggest - offers a lot of the stuff you'd watch during prime-time (we're watching American Gladiators right now), originals from premium channels and also, SOMEHOW, offerings from Netflix and iTunes. The day is nye where we only have to stop watching to work, sleep or (maybe) have sex if you're still into human-to-human contact. In those scary books about the future, they said this would be bad. But this future isn't scary at all. It has Gladiators named Zap dancing in my iPhone.