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PayPal cofounder, early Facebook investor and noted Objectivist Peter Thiel endorsed Ron Paul, the Republican presidential candidate, late last month, according to the candidate's website. Ron Paul, you'll recall, is the candidate known for his taste in blimps as well as for his plans to withdraw troops from Iraq and dismantle government agencies such as the IRS and the FDA. Paul has also become known for a series of newsletters he and his staff published, ranting against the "black agenda." What's the black agenda? It's what caused the 1992 L.A. riots, of course!

An old Ron Paul newsletter blamed the looting during the riots on the following:

Civil rights, quotas, mandated hiring preferences, set-asides for government contracts, gerrymandered voting districts, black bureaucracies, black mayors, black curricula in schools, black tv shows, black tv anchors, hate crime laws, and public humiliation for anyone who dares question the black agenda.

Now, the Paul campaign will tell you the candidate did not write all the articles for his newsletters. In fact, it's true that most of the articles in the newsletters are without bylines. Except for, you know, the name "Ron Paul" in the masthead. So, a question for Thiel: Care to elaborate, on Martin Luther King Day, exactly why you're endorsing Paul?