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"My bf is like, so famous," David Karp's girlfriend Amy notes on her blog. And it's increasingly true. Yesterday found Karp featured in the New York Post's gossip rag, Page Six magazine. Just a few days before that, the New York Observer asked, "Would You Take a Tumblr With This Man?" You'll never guess who's taking credit for all the attention. Here's a hint: She's Julia Allison. Oops, ruined that game.

After the Observer ran its article on Karp and Tumblr, Allison wrote:

I would like to take credit for what is SURE to be a domino-effect of the dregs of Manhattan media all jumping on Tumblr's boat together, like little esoteric rats. Sigh. First Doree, now Alex. Who's next, Jeff Bercovici? Rachel Sklar? Emily Gould's new dog?!?!?! MY MOM???"

There's only one tiny little problem with Allison's claim. According to the reporter who wrote the Observer story, while both Julia Allison and Tumblr investor Jakob Lodwick linked to Karp's profile, Lodwick drove much more traffic. Which got me thinking. Maybe these two should date? Or even start a blog together?