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How laden with pulchritude was the floor of Moose's last Friday, when we sent off Natali Del Conte? Check the shoes. What's even sexier? The stock options attached to some of this mod-shod squad. For you shoe fetishists out there, who wore what:

From left to right:

  • Rachel Lewin, student and girlfriend of Jordan Golson, in cherry red
  • BusinessWeek columnist, author, and Valley fox Sarah Lacy in reddish brown
  • Splunk VP Christina Noren in strapless black with engineer-hot hexagonal heels
  • CNET senior editor Natali Del Conte in black strapped heels
  • StyleDiary founder Patricia Handschiegel in blue boots

Oh, and the schlumpy guy in black Rockports and jeans behind them? That would be me. Jealous?