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· Or does the new sketch of the man suspected of snatching young Madeline McCann look a lot like Killer Bob? Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see, one chants out between two worlds, walk with me!
· A previously unknown complication of pregnancy has kept J. Lo from being J. Lo of late. At least according to those louts in the British press, who have been taking her to task for her "bulging, crinkled knees."
· Kate Moss started her 35th year off with a bang. A 4-way bang, that is.
· For all of you out there who think that Dakota Fanning is over the hill, enjoy this not-at-all-creepy post by Just Jared featuring twenty of the most popular Elle Fanning pictures available anywhere online! We're fawning over Fanning, too! Then again, not so much.
· And, with that, we're out of here. We leave you to spend the next 18 hours or so reviewing The Thighmaster's wildly entertaining list of his 2007 "Thighs Wide Movies." So best, indeed.