On Friday, Citigroup's Mark Mahaney judged tech stocks on four criteria: International exposure, countercyclical hedges, least risk to 2008 Wall Street estimates and intrinsic valuation. Which means what? Dunno. Go to Seeking Alpha for that. But to find out if your company's on the OK or Not-So-OK list in light of this morning's Fed rate cut and stock-market dive, check out this list.

  • The don't panic (yet) list: Amazon.com, eBay and Google, because they're not dependent on the U.S. Expedia, eBay, Google and Priceline, because a bad economy makes the good deals they find more valuable. IAC and Monster are OK because of their healthy "free cash flow yield." Got that?
  • The go ahead, panic list isn't much of a list: It's Yahoo. Duh.

(Photo by azrainman)