Earlier today, the UK's Sun shocked the world (well, at least the parts of the tabloid-deprived world which have never been subjected to grainy images of a famous person ingesting illegal substances) by posting video of legendarily troubled Amy Winehouse, to quote the paper's no-nonsense description of the self-destructive behavior documented during a 19-minute binge, "sucking in crack fumes from a glass pipe," a story that has already prompted the singer to flee to the temporary safety of rehab.

[Ed.note—Is there any way you could further illustrate her misery by ironically quoting the lyrics to one of her well-known songs? Get back to me ASAP. ] Realizing the audio fidelity of the video leaves much to be desired, The Derober blog has helpfully captioned the clip, an effort which should also assist those whose office computers have no speakers in fully appreciating the important crack-is-wack message The Sun is hoping to communicate through the widespread dissemnation of footage of Winehouse's latest rock-bottom moment.