At this very moment, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline (and Steve Carell, but let's not needlessly complicate things) are back at the L.A. County Courthouse for yet another custody hearing to determine what contingencies are to be placed on access to her own children. (You'll recall visitation rights were revoked following her recent Van Halen 5150-hold hospitalization incident.) Wait! A shocking development has played out in the time it took to type that last sentence:

Apparently, she made it inside the building, but got lost somewhere between the door and the actual courtroom. Visitation stays the same. Oh, Britney, you are incorrigible. Meanwhile, Adnan Ghalib—who filed for separation from his wife yesterday, then was videotaped sideswiping a motorcyclist in Malibu, his new girlfriend at his side—can no longer maintain his silence as he watches the media take nasty swipes at the month-old object of his romantic affections. Talking to The Insider (unbeknownst to Britney), the paparazzo hunter-turned-hunted faced a rapidfire barrage of Spears-related questions. Enjoy.