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In an interview with TV Week following his selection as one of the trade publication's "12 To Watch," always-quotable NBC perfect storm Ben Silverman was asked to reflect on his oft-controversial tenure as the network's designated rock-star and what, if anything, he might have done differently if given a second chance. But while he seems to admit that he could stand to work on his propensity for baring his razor-sharp, rival-eviscerating Peacock talons each time he's placed in the threatening presence of a recording device (the infamous "D-Girls" and "Ugly, Prom-Ruining WGA Nerds" incidents immediately come to mind), he still finds his own candor fun and refreshing. In short: Ben Silverman is someone Ben Silverman would want to hang with:

With Mr. Silverman seemingly on the verge of uncharacteristic self-abasement, I asked if he were an outsider who had read all of his comments this past year, would he like himself? What would he think of that bragging, partying executive in the press?

But Silverman is always Silverman.

"I'd think: 'I want to go hang out with that guy!'" he said. "'I think that person is real.'"

Struck by this unexpected realization of his own awesomeness, Silverman produced his ever-present BlackBerry and began furiously tapping away at the keys, telling his inquisitor, "In fact, I totally want to party with Ben tonight. I'm texting him right now. We'll chill at the Chateau and talk about what a genius idea bringing Gladiators back was—I mean, look at the ratings! It's the same fucking show as it was, like, twenty years ago! So good!—and kick around Steve McPherson a little bit, it'll be so epic. Damn, I hope he's around. Last time we tried to get together he blew me off because he said I was acting too clingy and desperate. Whatever! Full of yourself much? But still love that guy."