Super-Secret New Study Reveals Writers Strike Will Continue To Cost Everyone A Lot Of Money

· According to "an industry study conducted by informed sources" which Var was allowed to view on a "confidential basis" (we'll let you concoct your own theories about a trenchcoat-clad Nick Counter giving a sneak preview of the figures in a dark corner of the Beverly Center parking lot), the cost of the writers strike could reach $3 billion if it drags on for 60 to 90 more days. Also, in case you haven't heard: the national economy is headed down the shitter. [Variety]
· While NBC isn't canceling any of its current pilot scripts (unlike recent project-droppers CBS, Fox, and The CW), Jeff Zucker says that going forward, the company will cut back on traditional pilot development to focus its resources on ordering episodes of whatever Colombian telenovela or Dutch game-show Peacock programming-importation expert Ben Silverman thinks he can rush onto his primetime schedule without too much expensive tinkering. [Variety]
[After the jump: ast night's Idol numbers; CEOs and writers chatting; a Buffy reunion]

· The ongoing, informal talks between the WGA and the studios will reportedly feature cameos by News Corp's Peter Chernin, Disney's Bob Iger, and one or two other exciting "mystery moguls." Fingers crossed for a Moonves sighting! [THR]
· The obligatory, morning-after "American Idol crushes all comers" blurb: 26.8 million viewers tune in Wednesday night, Fox romps to an easy ratings victory, network rivals rend their flesh in helpless frustration, etc etc.[THR]
· Mark your calendars and prepare your Sarah Michelle Gellar headshots, Buffy fans: a cast reunion is planned for the upcoming William S. Plaey Television Festival; even more exciting (to us, anyway): A Very Special Night of Mad Men. [Variety]