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Reluctant as we are to fall headlong into the gurgling, powder-scented embrace of any celebrity baby news delivered to us Xclusively by the suspicious-item blogging arm of international paparazzi outfit X17, their report that globe-traipsing orphanologist Angelina Jolie is heavy with not one but two biological offspring (Brad Pitt's two-headed fish can swim!) seemed to us almost too exciting a possibly-true story not to pass along to our readers:

X17online inside source confirms that she's not only pregnant, she's expecting twins!

Faced with the introduction of 200% more amorphous-white-blob to her system than she has ever been able to withstand before, we predict Jolie will have a hard time adjusting to the concept of eating for three, knowing all along that many Third World countries aren't even capable of adequately feeding one. Still, if the news is true, it's unbelievably joyous, if for no other reason that Shiloh can use all the extra manpower she can get in the greatly mismatched Refugees vs. Wombies family volleyball tournaments their mom insists on mounting at their Malibu compound.