· The only way that Casey Affleck could've been more adorable on Oprah would have been to do his interview while completely covered in newborn kittens wearing tiny cowboy hats.
· Actress Dani Miura tells LAist about what it's like to work as To Catch A Predator's pedophile-bait.
· Real therapists lament the media's obsession with inaccurately diagnosing Britney Spears' mental problems when a simple, effective "batshit insane" would get the job done without sullying their field.
· The Daily Show and Colbert Report's writers went to Washington to fill in Congress on this whole strike deal: "'I ask you,' one writer noted, 'which is more important to a movie — a script, or half of Reese Witherspoon?'" The studio suits thought for a second. 'Which half?'"