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Well, another week, another set of crazy stories. The New York Times endorsed Clinton and McCain! Jeffrey Epstein's first sex suit was filed! And that Fox show Moment of Truth premiered. Think that was about it. As always you all were type-type-typing away, making me laugh and cry (more than you'd know) and most things in between. So after the jump find my five favorite interweblog reader commentary comments.

From lawyergay in Enjoy Your Stay:
"I, for one, was quite moved. Nothing could possibly be more respectful of our fallen celebrities than blogging about how they helped you trick a pathetic, ascot-wearing old queen into throwing some do-re-mi your way."

From TedSez in that Tinsley Mortimer Open Caption:
"Slow down, you move too fast
You've got to watch me as you pass!
I've got Moon Boots and a tiny phone
I need your attention —
Feelin' Tinsley!"

From yourfriendandneighbor in Collateral Damage:
"She wasn't crying because of the paparazzi. She was crying because Felicity of 'Felicity' was colliding into Jen of 'Dawson's Creek' outside a coffee house, of all things, after the death of the kid from '10 Things I Hate About You' in some sort of late 90's pop culture bizarro-world mindfuck."

From Zoetropez in Confused? What The Media Does And Doesn't Know About Ledger's Death":
"Nobody kills themself before a massage. That's just a fact."

From CollegeCallGirl in Actor Heath Ledger Found Dead In New York:
"Sounds like an overdose of DREAMY."

Your Party Pick this week actually ALSO went to that CollegeCallGirl comment, so I'm gonna give an honorary mention to dear old mathnet, who expounded in that What the Media Does and Doesn't Know post:

"I usually call Ashley for 911 clearance."

Aww to all of you. Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.