The three moneybags to pitch at DemoAnother Demo is coming up this January 28-30. Smart startup founders will save their best pitches not for the bored audience — trust us, they'll all be ignoring you and sending BlackBerry emails. Instead, buttonhole the guys with money to spend, starting with reps from Google, Microsoft and Cisco. Here's who they're sending.

The three moneybags to pitch at Demo

Name: Mark Arnold
Company: Cisco Systems
What he's shopping for:: Last year, Cisco Systems said it wants to acquire additional "Web. 2.0" technologies to help push the "consumerization of the enterprise."


The three moneybags to pitch at DemoName: Karen Davis
Company: Google
What she's shopping for:: Everything and anything. Fortune notes Google has acquired nearly three dozen companies in the last three years. Why would it stop now?

The three moneybags to pitch at DemoName: Don Dodge
Company: Microsoft
What he's shopping for: CEO Steve Ballmer recently said Microsoft plans to acquire 20 companies a year for the next 5 years. That should keep Dodge busy.


(Photo of money by amagill)