Although Juno's biggest B.O. weekends appear to be in the rearview mirror, that doesn't mean that America's appetite for all things Juno has fully subsided. In addition to the soundtrack's strong performance (currently #2 on the Billboard charts), there appears to be overwhelming demand on the black markets for Hamburger Phones! Or, rather, overwhelming supply. There are currently over 50 listings on eBay for hamburger phones, some of which utilize a hand-crafted MS Paint montage that includes Diablo "Call Me Brook" Cody's now-famous shot of her talking on her very own Hamburger Phone. With that in mind, we're using all of the money in the Defamer piggy bank to corner the market on orange Tic-Tacs. You know, just in case the Juno ancillary markets continue to grow. [Pop Candy]