A reader with much sharper eyes than ours asked us to go back and review a SAG awards audience reaction shot during the standing ovation for legend Mickey Rooney, feeling that there was something a little lascivious in Hairspray star John Travolta's sidelong glance at Eastern Promises' Viggo Mortensen.

Quite frankly, all we see is an accomplished actor recognizing the presence of two of his most talented peers. But if forced to analyze the lingering gaze, we must admit that Travolta's laser beams seem trained upon Cate Blanchett (note that the yellow arrow and looped, slow-motion replay reveal that they take their seats at the exact same time), whom he's never forgiven for beating him out for the role of a lifetime in the Elizabeth franchise, which would have provided him an unparalleled opportunity to prove that his much-celebrated, drag-enhanced acting chops would have easily translated to an Oscar-level period drama.