As much as we have tried to express restraint in the latest episode of Jolie Wombwatch, these photos of Angelina sans bubbly at last night's SAGs are hard to look at without a raised eyebrow or two. Sure, we sometimes drink water at parties, but that's mainly because we're broke and don't feel like spending 18 bucks on a sip of cheap champagne. So, with that in mind, let's recap the facts that we know up to this point: Angie was wearing a muumuu, the Pitt-Jolies can afford champagne, and water does a pregnant body good. We entered these facts into our trusty supercomputer and the results came back with 90% certainty that Mrs. Jolie-Pitt will soon be buying a few of those trendy expandable waisted Seven jeans at Kitson (as long as no animals, babies, or trees were harmed during the manufacturing process, that is).

[Photos courtesy of Getty Images]