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When the WGA and AMPTP finally announce a new deal, we're really going to miss all those What Striking Writers Are Doing To With Their Free Time pieces that have kept us so entertained during the labor war. In today's LAT, some screenwriters chat about how they've temporarily thrown off the lucrative, artistically stifling shackles of Final Draft and embraced the creative freedom offered by the novel; however, not every agent is thrilled about the prospect of having to plow through idling Hollywood scribes' boredom-inspired literary experiments: "'Oftentimes, you shudder when a screenwriter sends you a novel, because they tend to be strong with dialogue but crappy with context, and novels are all about creating the proper context for the story,' said [book agent Mary] Evans, whose clients include Smith and Michael Chabon. 'Screenwriters are attracted to novel writing because they can let their freak flag fly and just write what they want, but the truly talented novelist-slash-screenwriter is very rare." [LAT; Image via ]