Parodies of Tom Cruise's babbling Scientology video are coming so fast we're approaching the Tom Cruise Video Singularity. Everyone's seen the brief Craig Ferguson parody and the Stephen Colbert joke, but comedian Eugene Mirman did a good long parody, as have several other pros and amateurs. There's one particularly creepy mashup comparing the language of Tom's rant to Hillary Clinton's nearly-tearful video from New Hampshire. Here's EVERY PARODY VIDEO [with new ones added!].


Clinton and Cruise on the Campaign Trail: A mashup of Tom Cruise and Hillary Clinton's eerily similar viral videos. OMG Hillary is OT Level 8!

Craig Ferguson on CBS's Late Late Show: A series of unfortunate laughs.

Stephen Colbert vs. Xenu vs. Cruise: "This guy was like...psheeew!"

Eugene Mirman: Scientologist: "I'm tasting meatloaf. You know why? Because I want to."

Jerry O'Connell on Funny or Die: "They don't taunt me. Not in front of my face. But behind me, yes."

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Tom Cruise Scientology-Constipation Video: Cruise discusses how he stays regular.

Leaked Tape Parody: Terribly dry humor, with one good joke about gills.

Tom Cruise Scientology Video: "The line down the middle of the road? We came up with that."

Headzup: Only included for completeness; it's like Jib-Jab without the jokes.


Tom Cruise Is Gay: By Gawker's Richard Blakeley.

Serious Cat: Tom Cruise as a classic LOLcat.

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