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When Google pitched ad products to New York agencies last night, newbie Googler Long Ellis got stuck with selling Google TV to the crowd. It's a tough job. While even Google Radio has about 1,600 advertisers, Google TV advertising currently counts around 200. Why so low? Don't be fooled by the brand name. Google TV advertising isn't much of an innovation yet.

Other than the automated way it sells ads — following auction theory, slots go to the highest bidder, but at the second highest bidder's price — Google TV advertising isn't really that far ahead of what's already out there.

While Google cofounder Sergey Brin likes to say that Google can make TV advertising "almost as accountable as online advertising," the truth is, Google relies a great deal on Nielsen for demographics and data. Just like everyone else. Which raises the question: How did Google find even 200 suckers for this product?