Funnyish radio celeb Garrison Keillor, of Lake Woebegone fame, dropped a restraining order against his stalker after she said she wouldn't bother him again. "I guess he realized it was all just a big misunderstanding," the stalkette told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Right! The 43-year-old woman, Andrea Campbell, had been visiting his neighbor and sending "bizarre" gifts of a "petrified alligator's foot, dead beetles and poems," the Baker City Herald reports. Hey, what's one person's "stalkerish" is another person's "romantic."

Campbell said she "held a space of love and forgiveness and just let the universe work its magic, and I think his conscience got to him."

While she said she has no intention of contacting Keillor again, she told the newspaper she is working on a book about how she believes she and Keillor influenced each other's creative processes. [Baker City Herald]