Sean Young's bravura, Julian Schnabel-taunting performance at Saturday night's tragically untelevised DGA Awards is now officially the stuff of Hollywood legend; not only was the incident immortalized on Variety's party-monitoring V-page today (a "spirited moment" of "tipsy heckling," giggles the trade paper!), but it was openly shared with millions of David Letterman's viewers Monday night by Big Brother host and Les Moonves trophy wife Julie Chen, who didn't require any arm-twisting to cough up the name of "the well-known actress" who caused the now-much-discussed disturbance, or to take a game stab at recreating the slurred outbursts that led to Young's ejection from the event.

Now that the story has penetrated the mainstream media, the award-show-disrupting bar has been set incredibly high; unless Jack Nicholson takes it upon himself to top the DGA stunt by standing atop his front-row Oscar seat and extending two middle fingers in the direction of Best Actor winner Daniel Day-Lewis as an act of protest for his Bucket List snub, there's virtually no chance even Hollywood's Biggest Night will provide the same kind of transgressive thrill.