By now, we've all read various accounts of Sean Young's valiant attempt to inject some drama into this strike-plagued awards season, seen video of Les Moonves's wife's perky reenactment of the DGA ceremony's disruption, and learned that the troubled actress has retreated to rehab to combat the demons that emboldened her inner acceptance-speech critic to give voice to her frustrations with the pacing of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly director Julian Schnabel's humbly proffered thanks-yous.

THR's Gold Rush blog finally delivers video of the incident, though from the director's perspective; you'll probably have to turn up your speakers to make out Young's now-infamous "Get on with it!" exhortation, but the perturbed honoree's now-poignant "Have another cocktail" retort is clearly documented by the Reporter's camera. Presumably, the clip brings this turbulent chapter in awards show history to an anticlimactic close, at least until some blurry cameraphone footage of Young's subsequent ejection from the event makes its way to YouTube.