Taking A Cue From J-Lo, A Tight-Lipped Angelina Waits For Water To Break Before Revealing The Big Twins Surprise

All you needed to do was take one look at Angelina Jolie's SAG Awards gown, a billowy sail of silk charmeuse that could have easily smuggled a schoolhouseful of multicultural toddlers, to wonder if the actress wasn't perhaps camouflaging something beneath all of that fabric. The world, of course, was not caught entirely off guard: News of a possibly Jolie-Pitt twins pregnancy inched its way up the tabloid totem last week, up from the paparazzi blogosphere, into the pages of supermarket literature, and now arriving in the semi-legitimate pages of Us Weekly:

Amid rumors that Angelina Jolie, 32, is expecting twins, a close source confirms to Us Weekly that the actress is indeed pregnant.

One SAG attendee tells Us in its latest issue, on newsstands now, "It was so obvious she was pregnant. You could clearly see the bump's outline."

The source reveals Jolie may sell the confirmation, with the money going to charity.

Reps for Jolie and Brad Pitt, 44, refused to comment.

There should be little question as to which trusted source will be approached for the exclusive family portrait, as Jolie long ago entered into a pact with People magazine, offering them first dibs on any new additions to her family—purchased, bartered, birthed, found-on-the- side-of- a-Pakistani-road, or otherwise. It will, no doubt, cost them: Their Shiloh exclusive alone was a $4.1 million buy, so twins would command a price somewhere in the vicinity of twice that, plus a last-minute stipulation requiring the magazine's editorial staff to spend the dry months of March to June digging irrigation ditches in Burma.