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We can think of no better way to cap off a Wednesday than by relaying for you all the details surrounding Katherine Heigl's overcompensating 28th birthday party for the new husband she completely took for granted on a recent Late Show with David Letterman appearance. We now bring you directly to the PEOPLE EXCLUSIVE report, live from the Katherine Heigl's-husband-appreciating birthday scene. (All hors d'oeuvre descriptions must exclusively credit PEOPLE EXCLUSIVE.):

The newlyweds started by gathering 10 close friends, including Heigl's pal T.R. Knight, for dinner in a private room at hotspot Katsuya Hollywood. There they noshed on Heigl's hand-picked menu of Kobe beef, rock shrimp, miso cod and spicy tuna on crispy rice.

"It was really important to me to celebrate Josh in a fun and intimate way," Heigl, 29, told PEOPLE. "I just wanted tonight to be in an environment we both really love and we really love this place. This was the perfect combination of an intimate dinner with friends and a bigger thing at the bar where everyone can kick back and enjoy each other but it's mellow."

Guests - including Kelley's band mates, Zach Braff, Haylie Duff, Brooke Burns, David Charvet, Kristin Cavallari, Shane West, Jonathan Schaech and Jamie-Lynn Sigler - mingled by the bar or danced, to a mix heavy on the '80s tunes. Heigl drank champagne (Kelley sipped on vodka cranberry cocktails) while she roamed the tables and welcomed all their friends.

Later that night, spent from one too many Cape Cods, the birthday boy excused himself to the couple's newly shared bedroom. "I won't lie," Heigl added, "I went to all this trouble to celebrate Joshua in a fun and intimate way—I mean Kristin Cavallari and Jonathan Schaech were there! What's more fun and intimate than that?" The 27 Dresses star then stormed up the grand staircase of their Spanish Revival home for an intimate follow-up discussion, punctuated by the launching of several Votivo-brand luxury scented candles and expensive pieces of crystal stemware at each other's heads.