Twittish beauty bloggers are now acting like entitled print-mag beauty editors, the NYT Styles reports, in demanding all the free swag they can stuff into their home offices. Beauty PR companies used to ignore bloggers because, "It didn't seem fair that anyone could say whatever they wanted about a product and have an audience." But that's all changed! As the makeup companies are learning, this works out perfectly for them, because they can turn breathless bloggers into their own pocket pets via trips to Paris and regular shipments of lip gloss.

Since bloggers are not forbidden to accept gifts over $500, as some editors are, they can accept more lavish junkets and presents. It also comes to mind when reading this article that beauty bloggers are not very smart. They're often afraid to give products a bad review because, um, what if the company decides to totally not send them any more makeup?

"People get really scared, said [Coutorture founder] Ms. Fredrickson. "I get e-mails all of the time from bloggers saying: 'I tested this product and I don't like it. What do I do?'"

ZOMG! Also:

"In the last couple of weeks we [beauty bloggers] all covered Prevage Anti-Aging Night Cream by Elizabeth Arden and Allergan," Ms. Kelly said. "It's pretty clear that samples were sent out by the company."

So: watered-down reviews that all sound the same and are afraid to say anything negative? Aww, beauty blogs really are growing up to be just like magazines!

[Photo: Andrea Mohin for NYT]