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Yesterday, released a gushing statement to the press declaring that Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert had officially become their "best-selling concert film ever." Now, Var tells us this morning that the tweeny 3D release may be a biggie in more ways than just pre-sale ticket figures; some pundits are projecting that the concert movie could trump Jessica Alba's The Eye at the B.O. this weekend. The larger question, though? Have tweenybops become the new target demo for box office breakouts? Or will the potentially sold-out-everywhere Montana movie just turn out line upon line of horndogs recently captivated by those recently surfaced Miley Underwear pics?

Just last week, kiddy-pornish pics of Miley in the tub with other underage-y girls surfaced, likely breaking Billy Cyrus's achy-breaky heart all over again, adding yet another member to Disney's Teen Nudie Pics Club (Cough, Vanessa Hudgens, cough). But aside from a few sorta lezzy tub pics, the possibility of Cyrus claiming the #1 spot in theaters this weekend means that the industry might want to take a more serious look at movies for 11 year-old chicks no longer obsessed with Paris/Lindsay/Nicole tackiness. If tween girls do in fact rule the world, does that mean a) Mitt Romney will get elected cuz he's totes hot, b) Brit Brit's black lacy number she prefers riding gurneys in will be in for promz and c) babies makin' babies is the hottest trend4eva? As Leonard Cohen predicted, the future, our friends, is murder.

[Photo Credit: TV Crunch]