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While rumors of Britney Spears' addiction to crystal meth have been swirling through the blogowebs for a few months now, two papers are now claiming last night's gurney shitshow happened after the fallen star spent days wide awake on Fergie's pre-hab drug of choice. The National Enquirer is reporting that Britney and manager Sam Lufti checked into the Beverly Hills Hotel at 2am on Wednesday morning after sporting around in the brand-new Mercedes she picked up earlier that day. Upon checking into the hotel:

[Britney] began doing meth ... Her drug-taking went on all day, interrupted only by brief dashes to her home."

This disturbing news comes on top of a story printed in The Sun this morning, which quoted an anonymous US newspaper as saying that:

Britney was high on meth and naked all day before. She took meth during her pregnancies. The star spent Tuesday evening driving around before donning a pink wig to go to a drug store at 5am.'"

A photo (above) from X17 seems to support some of the details (if not the entirety) of the entire story, showing a sunglasses-wearing Spears in the aforementioned pink wig, carrying a case of Red Bull out of a drugstore in the wee hours of the night. We can only pray Britney gets the help she needs before half of Studio City is obliterated in a McMansion-sized-meth-lab explosion.

[Photo Credit: X17]