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Like a pencil-moustached, beret-sporting fly on the wall of showbiz's innermost circles, celebrity-stylist to the celebrity-stars Phillip Bloch possesses a formidable amount of insight into the Hollywood condition. So much so, in fact, that has granted Bloch his very own opinion column, in which he can weigh in on any number of pressing celebrity matters, from the foot-anorexia epidemic currently ravishing young Hollywood's emaciated tootsies, to his compelling treatise on how the death of gifting suites is hurtling our society towards freebieless anarchy.

In today's installment, Bloch has finally had enough of the morose fascination the public takes in every celebrity tragedy to unfold across our TVs, computer screens, and bathroom magazine racks. "Are our own lives so empty and shallow that we must invade strangers' private lives for a little amusement?" asks the man whose position on the ongoing tucked vs. untucked and python vs. alligator debates directly affects the trickle-down trend choices of millions. But where searching moral questions are posed, no hard answers are offered, beyond that of an obscure Baudelaire quote reading, "What is exhilarating in bad taste is the aristocratic pleasure of OH MY GOD THIS BELT IS FAAABULOUS! MISCHA IS GONNA POOP HERSELF!"