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According to "recent polls" mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, Barack Obama trails Hillary Clinton in New York City "by as few as four points." Andrew Sullivan—who, to be fair, hates Hillary—quotes a reader who argues, convincingly, that if New York's primary is going to be a close one, it will be because of the borough divide. The Clintons are still beloved by the mainstream black leaders of Harlem and the rich people everywhere else in Manhattan. In Brooklyn, though, home of well-off white youths and a couple million minorities, Obama's support seems strong. We live in Bed-Stuy. Brownstones, bodegas, and the neighborhood's only veterinarian all sport Obama signs; Hillary's presence is non-existent. The rest of the state, though, will pose bit of a problem for the senator from Illinois. Because it's basically the deep fucking South up there, have you been? [Andrew Sullivan]
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