Tim O'Reilly has a mancrush on his son-in-lawIn-laws can be so embarrassing. Like Tim O'Reilly, Saul Griffith's father-in-law. The book publisher and conference organizer wrote a lavish profile of Griffith, calling him a "genius" and "a scientist and engineering polymath" before disclosing that Griffith was married to his daughter Arwen. (The happy couple is shown here.) More recently, O'Reilly has lavishly praised Griffith's upcoming keynote at an O'Reilly conference, without reminding readers of his family ties. It's better than the alternative, I suppose: At least Arwen's dad doesn't think she married a loser. After the jump, a more intimate picture of Saul and Arwen.

Tim O'Reilly has a mancrush on his son-in-law

(Photos by arwenoreilly)