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Calvin Klein has always been a fan of drugged-up stars, but this morning's announcement that the designer picked Eva Mendes to star in his Spring `09 fragrance campaign makes him look less like a "fan," and more like a druggie Obsessive (uh, get it?). Klein, of course, is not only the man behind those heroin chic denim ads featuring (ahem!) Kate Moss in the 90s, but he's also been in and out of the revolving rehab door once or twice himself. While TMZ reports that the designer's decision to feature Eva in ads for the spring spreads came hours before her announcement, we're starting to wonder if Klein isn't just some pill-popping, powder-snorting design wiz like the rest of 'em.

Considering the fact that Moss's fashion career grew more successful than it ever had been post CoKateGate, we suspect Klein knows exactly what he's doing by casting an otherwise-unimpressive actress in a starring role, just as she happens to hit the skids. As you'll recall, within days of Moss's 2005 snort scandal, she was dropped from million-dollar deals with H&M, Burberry and Chanel. But within two years, she'd scored countless new contracts. Burberry even reneged and offered her her former contract back, and TopShop jumped on the comeback bandwagon last year by giving her the chance to design her own (sold-out-within-minutes) collection.

But back to Mendes: the actress, though beyond gorgeous, is no Kate Moss when it comes to iconic figures in fashion. Which leads us to groan and bring up a little lady named LiLo, whose deal with Jill Stuart was perhaps the most short-lived in campaign history: weeks after shooting ads for Stuart in Tokyo, Lindz had her first run-in with the law (and a tree). We're not betting types, and sure, we hope Mendes/Klein turns into a Moss-like rise from the dead, but the prospect of Mendes putting on Cokepants by accident seems slightly more likely than Mendes becoming the new Cindy Crawford, no?