Those wacky shoe-screening cards at the TSA started a blog! It's got a catchy name ("Evolution of Security"), a thriller trailer tagline ("Terrorist Evolve. Threats Evolve. Security Must Stay Ahead. You Play a Part." COMING THIS FALL.), and incredibly bitchy comments. Like "DHS and TSA are fundamentally broken. Disband both immediately and return our civil liberties." That's one of the mild ones! They deleted most of the not mild ones. Also it's hosted on Blogger. Some more entertaining of the remaining comments, below. [ThinkProgress, WP]

I travel many times a year, and every single time the TSA steals items out of my bag. I have even resorted to putting the TSA regulations on the top of the bag, showing what is allowed in checked luggage, but still I have my TSA Approved lock stolen, ( cut off I imagine, even though the TSA has a key to open it) and my cigars and cutters, and lighters are always stolen. even when they are approved and in special cases.

Why does this happen? nobody has access to the bags but Airline personel. why does this always happen?

TSA stole my toothpaste at ACV. Because of a ridiculous policy banning any "liquids" more than 3 oz. in volume. First of all, I don't think that toothpaste is a liquid. Second, it's a reactionary policy based on false intelligence. My honest belief is that the policy is mainly in place for all those people who have to discard their own water bottles, but can then *buy* another water bottle, containing the exact same tap water, just on the other side of the security checkpoint. Ridiculous!!! Or perhaps worse than ridiculous... how 'bout fascist?

I sat beside an over weight, actually very over weight 325lbs guy, on a Unitied flight from Denver to Chicago O'Hare, Row 19. Airlines need to enforce the over Weight limit. Or at least enforce the two seat rule. The flight was full so no seat was availible to change seats. It was a 1:45 minute flight. Had it been a 20 minute flight it would not have been a problem. Can you Please enforce the two seat limit for cows over 300lbs. Place a seat in the check in area and if someone can NOT fit in that seat and has bulges hanging over the seat require a two seat purchase. It was very uncomfortable for 2 hours. Thank you!

thank you

I watched you guys "wand" thee old ladies so far this year in my travels.


Oh, and one more thing. Exforce some dress codes once in a while for your employees. I saw one employee in JFK wearing a doo-rag and a yankees cap cocked to the side. His white shirt was untucked and his pants were about to fall down around his Timberlands. What a joke! Your organization is a disgrace. Maybe he had to "keep it real", but if he can't show some professionalism, he should keep it real back on 'da skreets, without my taxes paying his salary and benefits.

TSA does a fair job....Americans should be furious with the damn terrorists and those that support/finance them. BUT TSA really looks amateurish with the shoes, 2 oz. liquid policy and some of your recent hires that look/act like unemployed thugs off the street. Personally, I would PROFILE the hell out of everyone—-middleastern descent folks—sorry, tough love! Don't like your "civil rights" violated? Grey Hound leaves at 3pm!

I am an Airline Pilot. I agree with the inconsistencies, unprofessionalism, and harrassment comments already made on this board.
I would like to know why when I am in Las Vegas, with only 45 minutes to get to my plane, I have to sit in the line with the wheelchairs and I get shouted to when I try to move up to the front of the line. If I wait till all the wheelchairs are screened, My flight will be 2 hours late.