Fresh off an exhilarating birthday bonanza and an electrifying stop on The Late Show with David Letterman, Katherine Heigl brought her nicotine-stained 27 Dresses promotional tour to the Oprah show earlier this afternoon. Being the consummate pro that she is, she did NOT let the opportunity slip through her fingers to knock her new husband Josh "Call Me Joshua" Kelley down a few pegs.

In our clip, Heigl readily admits that she doesn't really know her hubby all that well. Come to think of it, maybe that's why she thinks his name is Joshua? We digress. Anyway, Helga the Heigl uses her moment on national television to regale Oprah and the studio audience with an awkwardly honest admission that she and her husband will probably get sick of each other should they ever decide to spend more than two concurrent weeks together. As she's telling the tale, a look of "Uh oh, maybe I'm being too honest here" flashes across her face, at which point her keen instincts as an actress kick in. She then bares her enormous bleached teeth and lets out one of those patented Izzy laughs, prompting near Pavlovian guffaws from the audience of starstruck, well-to-do Midwestern housefraus. Ain't love grand?