Page Six reported yesterday that the faaabulous fashion designer is rumored to be fooling around with porn star/escort Erik Rhodes. You'll remember that Jacobs' current (past?) boyfriend Jason Preston was also a rent boy before the pair got together. Evidently all three met when Jacobs and Preston invited Rhodes over for a threesome. Rhodes doesn't deny the rumors that the pair are hooking-up on his personal blog. speculates that Jacobs is just trying to get back at Preston for doing the same thing. This is all really filthy and tacky and sort of terrific. After the jump, an extremely NSFW video of Rhodes at the awards last year, at which he won the best Porn Star/Escort award. If you can, please watch it. He's wearing a shirt that says "Hooker" ("designed by my brother") and says that he doesn't usually enjoy the sex he does in "the porns." Le sigh.