Hot Athlete + Hot Girlfriend = Lose/Lose Situation

A warning to all athletes dating insanely hot famous women: you might want to think twice about allowing your ladyfriend anywhere near your player's box on Game Day. During yesterday's Super Bowl, Fox repeatedly cut to shots of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen enjoying the game from the comfort of a luxury suite. Unfortunately for Brady and the Patriots, all that bouncy clapping and ear-to-ear grinning (perfect Chicklet teeth notwithstanding) just might have done more harm than good.

After all, there seems to be a recent trend of top-notch athletes sputtering out when their superhot sig others show up to watch the big game. Just a few weeks ago, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had his worst game of the season when Jessica Simpson turned up at Texas Stadium (wearing a pink Dallas Cowboys jersey, no less). And traveling even further down memory lane, we recall Andre Agassi's final, teary loss at the 2006 US Open. Who was in his player's box that day? None other than Agassi's forehand smashing wife, Mrs. Steffi Graf! Are you listening, Sean Avery? As tempting as it may be to bring Lake Bell or Elisha Cuthbert or whatever beautiful babe you'll be banging come May to a Stanley Cup playoff game, your best decision will probably be to just leave them at the hotel room.