If one 30-second Super Bowl spot fetched $2.7 million, as we've been told approximately 2.7 million times going into this year's festivities, then our cursory calculations put the cost of this Bud Light/Semi-Pro crossover ad at somewhere around the $7.1 million mark.

In exchange for that mindblowing sum (enough to pay for 11 Junos at least!), the "perfect beer for blowin' out the pipes" got one minute, 19 seconds of Will Ferrell delivering improvised non-sequiturs in the guise of the outlandishly bewigged*, male-chauvinist sportsman persona that's defined much of his extremely successful movie career. That Ferrell can't even be bothered anymore to change his posture, vocal inflection, or basic personality from role to role might strike some as the serious side effects of a creative rut. We, on the other hand, fail to see why one needs to fix what isn't broken—and with that pasty beer gut poking out, and that familiar, husky baritone in seemingly perfect pitch, well, friends, nothing appears broken. Now excuse us while we return to our fridge for a cold, refreshing Bud Light. Bud Light: I'm horny.™ This message brought to you by New Line Cinema and Anheuser-Busch, a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch Companies International. Drink responsibly.

*And in some cases, naturally becoiffed.