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Madonna is putting the final touches on her forthcoming album, due in stores April 29th, to be followed by a world tour in which the fauxtrage-exploiting pop icon will unveil her most blasphemous set-piece yet: A performance of "Papa Don't Preach" remixed to a dancehall beat, in which the singer will don a slutty, Gaultier-designed Mother Theresa habit, then proceed to be simulated-gang-banged by a group of background dancers outfitted as Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, and Martin Luther King. It promises to be nothing less than a show-stopper, but until then, we have her latest video, co-starring Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, to tide us over:

The Queen of Pop's latest transformation will see her don a dominatrix-style latex catsuit in a raunchier-than-ever video for new single 4 Minutes To Save The World.

We can reveal that in the promo Madge plays - wait for it - a pimp who rescues the planet in an impressive 240 seconds.

Justin Timberlake and US producer Timbaland play her bitches.

In the sexually charged video, Madge cracks the whip and gets her slaves, Justin and Timbaland, to do whatever she wants as she towers over their quivering bodies in killer heels.

Whether the singer, approaching age 50, may be a little too old to squeeze back into those snug PVC numbers from her Sex book wardrobe closet (on whose door hangs a handwritten sign reading "Off Limits To All Ciccone-Ritchie Children Until Age 16 —That Includes YOU, David Banda!") we suppose remains to be seen. At least Timberlake's recent junk-pummeling experience on that Super Bowl Pepsi ad will have well-prepared him for the excruciating stiletto-abuse he'll inevitably suffer at the foot of a pop foremother desperately trying to cling to scandal-tinged relevancy.