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· According to Nielsen's preliminary overnight ratings, a record number of Super Bowl viewers tuned in to watch the Giants shock the world™ by upsetting the heavily favored, once-unbeatable-seeming Patriots, with 97.5 million people tuning in (and 105.9 million at its peak) for the game. The telecast may also finish as the second-most-watched event of all time, behind MASH's 1983 finale. [THR]
· Rewarding him for his ability to profitably resurrect the Rambo franchise, Nu Image/Millenium Films signs new international political icon Sylvester Stallone to write and direct two more action flicks; blogging convention dictates that we must identify these next projects as long-awaited sequels to films from his back catalog, like Cobras and Over the Top 2: Back Over the Top. [THR]

· In a reversal of the recent trend sweeping Hollywood's nontelevised awards shows, the Coen Brothers were able to take home the PGA's top honor for No Country for Old Men without any unfortunate heckling incidents. [Variety]
· AFTRA wants to sneak in and negotiate before SAG, telling the studios that they're ready to talk in March. [Variety]
· Universal finally selects Pushing Daisies' Anna Friel as Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost romantic interest, setting up the love triangle between the actress, Ferrell's "disgraced paleontologist," and the surprisingly seductive Chaka. [THR]