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Yesterday we noted the split in New York's gay community over the proper response to the Super Bowl; boycott it, or celebrate with sex? That's one for personal preference. But there's a far more insidious aspect to the whole Gay/ Football issue. Namely, the underlying homoeroticism of the whole enterprise. Some coarse fans like to exploit this for cheap jokes: "He patted that guy on the butt. He's gay. He grabbed that guy. He's gay." But in fact, football is a great tool for loosening up those prone to anti-gay sentiment, because the act of football fandom is just as rife with barely concealed homoerotic acts as the game itself. The same men that would scoff at anything less than macho on the field will wrap their arms around each other and cry while praying for a Giants win. That's why, out of all the Super Bowl celebration videos we've seen, we like this one best. Five young guys, Giants jerseys, hand-holding, girlish screaming, and lots and lots of hugging. [Honestly: It's just male bonding, OKAY?]