Curious about what goes in gray old New York during the super, super exciting Fashion Week? Well, Nylon TV has put together a handy guide to the city during this fabulous and world changing event. Watch as the drawling young Tracy explores the mythic SoHo district and expounds upon the glories of the F train. It's everything inane and hateful about the fashion industry but also kinda sweet in a weird way. Also, included after the jump, watch crazy old fashion designer Betsey Johnson ramble on about some piece of bullshit, then gaze upon the glory that was a Marc Jacobs Fashion Week party about two years ago. Best part: The crazy party people singing Journey! It's like prom, only glassy-eyed-er. This is how history is made: gracefully unfolding, like a peacock wearing blinders, to the delight of some and the pained ambivalence of many.