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After hearing reports that Britney Spears's manager Sam Lutfi was playing drug dealer for his mentally unhinged client, we immediately flashed back to the analogy section of the SATs when we realized that Sam Lutfi : Britney Spears :: Howard Stern : Anna Nicole Smith. For the first time in our lives, we're on Team Lynne Spears for banning the Lufti from the Spears Unit. If only Anna's southern dumb belle of a mother had written a scathing note to a judge like this one Lynne submitted as part of a restraining order filed against Lufti:

"Mr. Lutfi drugged Britney, he has cut Britney's home phone lines and removed her cell phone chargers. He yells at her. He claims to control everything — Britney's business manager, her attorneys and the security guards at the gate."

First we shrugged this "drugging" business off, but couldn't help remembering that this isn't the first time Brit's allegedly instructed the help (and her babies!) to fetch her some meds. Back in the good ol' days of October 2007 (months before either GurneyGate 1.0 or 2.0), cameramen from X17 supposedly followed Britney's driver to a dark alley in Culver City, where they witnessed him putting down cash for the tweak-happy Package. Then X17 claimed he split and drove directly to where Britney was at the time, the Peninsula Hotel. In any case, Lufti was her manager at the time, so today's news may be sad and true.

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