As Super Tuesday drags to a middle, it's worthwhile to look at the rising and occasionally falling fortunes of New York Senator Hillary Clinton, our next, cryingest president, among our nation's most unfortunately influential lunatic opinion-makers.

This week, she maybe lost Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch, whose many media holdings mercilessly attacked the Clinton family during their last stay in the White House, warmed to the senator once her accumulation of magnate-assisting power began in earnest. Murdoch and the Clintons were suddenly buds! The New York Post actually endorsed her! But things fell apart, according to the New York Times' David Carr. Rupert, who loves anyone in a position to do him favors, may be upset that Hillary's hasn't wrapped up this whole presidency thing yet. (As Rush & Molloy point out, Murdoch donated the maximum allowed amount to Hill six months back.)

Now, though, Hillary has bucked her own party and agreed to a debate held by Murdoch's GOP-tilting Fox News. Last year, liberal activists convinced Dem candidates to boycott two Fox-sponsored debates. But it's 2008, this whole election thing is actually for serious, and a February 11 debate in Washington DC would be a nice opportunity to reach Maryland voters. And make Rupert love her again!

Hill's relationship with ORIGINAL BLOGGER Matt Drudge is even weirder, if that's possible to imagine. Because Drudge needs her. He feeds off of her. Her hideously MSPainted pixilated weepy eye sat at the top of his page all day. He updates when she coughs during an interview. And he seems sadly uninspired by every other candidate in the race. Whether or not Hill's campaign has a special Drudge envoy, they needn't ever worry that he'll ignore them.

The intentions of one last insane internet creation, though, are a bit easier to read. P*r*z H*lt*n endorsed Hillary Clinton!!!

"As we have previously stated," Mario Lavandeira explains, "Hillary wasn't our fist choice." Of course not, Mario. Of course not.