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We never pictured the normally calm-as-a-cuke Brad Pitt as the hissy-fit type, but TMZ is reporting that the actor "threw a tantrum" when he learned the first Ducati Desmosedici RR motorcyle (retail price: $72,500) had been snapped up by another A-Lister. Namely, longtime Ducati enthusiast Tom Cruise (who had been promised the bike by Ducati's North American chief). This news apparently infuriated Brad Pitt, who had allegedly already gone so far as to convince a bigwig at UPS to put a "shipping freeze" on all outgoing Ducatis until he got his.

According to a series of emails that a UPS snitch leaked to TMZ, the UPS had sent multiple communiques to various freight terminals, instructing that all shipments of the bike be stopped immediately until Pitt's new toy got delivered. This same UPS source also claims the shipping freeze ticked off Denzel Washington and Michael Jordan, both of whom were also on the waiting list. Which leaves us wondering, why exactly does Brad need a bike like this so bad? After all, last time we checked, it's exceedingly difficult and dangerous to try to pile a family of six (soon to be eight!) on the back of a crotchrocket.