Did you know that seemingly harmless job listings site and blog network MediaBistro is a tool of the FBI? It's all true. FishbowlLA editor Kate Coe wrote an item about the Clintons' secret CIA plot to destory former POW John McCain. Which led one intrepid blogger to uncover the secrets behind the CIA control of the entirety of MediaBistro and Kate Coe's connection to the political assassinations of artists Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake.

Alex Constantine explains:

We recall that Kate Coe is an editor at MediaBistro. Ms. Coe wrote the first attack piece on the late, "paranoid" Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake for the LA Weekly. We recall that Coe is on Rupert Murdoch's payroll.

She is also a self-avowed anti-Semite and friend of Ann Coulter.

Yes, we recall all those things! It all makes sense now! But there's more:

The assignment had to come from one of the owners of MediaBistro, ie. this corporation was proprietor of the site AT THE TIME THERESA DIED - KeyCorp.

WITHIN A MONTH of Theresa's death, ownership of MediaBistro - Coe's employer - then married by merger to a CIA front operation with heavy ties to the Agency's operations in Australia (from whence came Rupert Murdoch, the CIA-Mafia media magnate whom I've identified AS INSTRUMENTAL IN THERESA'S MURDER) - changed hands. The founder of MediaBistro was paid off, and this person walked away with millions in pelf.

Huh. So Laurel Touby was in on it too! And the stock image company that bought MediaBistro is, apparently, a CIA front. Who knew!

Not Coe, who claims: "I've met Anne Coulter once, and I've written for the Jewish Journal, so they must be unaware of my anti-Semitism."

Coming Soon: Theresa Duncan Murder Update: The CIA & MediaBistro [alex constantine's blacklist]